All HEIs in the consortium are internationally-minded institutions with substantial experience and proven results in supporting foreign students and scholars. For example, at the coordinating partner ULB, 29% of its students, 33% of its researchers and 11% of its academics and administrators are foreign born.

Student guide

Visiting and studying in several countries, with different languages and cultures, as it is the case for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree’s Programme BDMA, is always a challenge. For this reason we have carefully prepared this guide for you. You can download the BDMA Student Guide in high resolution version (pdf, 18.2 MB).

Services provided

The consortium can thus rely on existing and tried infrastructure for service provision. In addition, each full partner will hire a Local Administrative Manager (LAM) who will be the single contact point for students in all matters and will act as liaison between students and the administrative departments at their institution. The five LAMs will jointly collaborate and will be responsible for streamlining service provision to all students during their entire time in the programme, and be the students primary contact person for all their administrative and service needs. Through these LAMs, the consortium will act as a counsellor and a coordinator for all services offered to students, notably:

  • Administrative procedures: The LAM will advise and assist non-European students during the whole visa and/or residence permit request and will provide them with all useful information regarding travel, housing and living conditions. As the procedure can be long, they are asked to initiate the visa request as soon as their participation in the programme has been confirmed. Later on, the LAM assists students for the preparation of their next mobility period, informs them of administrative procedures in the destination country and refer them to the LAM at the next host institution.
  • Financial facilities: ULB centralises the payment of fees and the attribution of scholarships. Upon request, the LAM at each partner HEI, acting together with the local IRO, offers support to students regarding financial matters.
  • Housing: The LAM helps in finding housing and ensures their specific needs are met regarding family, disabilities, etc., in collaboration with the housing offices at each partner institution, most of which maintain dedicated rooms for Erasmus Mundus students.
  • General information: ULB will provide students with all information they may require regarding all aspects of the master’s programme. In particular, a BDMA student’s guide is sent to all students admitted to the programme before the beginning of the courses, providing them with full information about services available to them, student rights and benefits, expectations of competencies and workload, and comprehensive contact information for all their needs.

Insurance scheme

Tuition fees cover insurance costs: all students thus get medical insurance coverage. The chosen insurance meets the minimum insurance requirements of the Erasmus+ programme for Joint Master Degrees.

As soon as a student enrolls in BDMA, the Coordination Office enrolls him/her for the whole duration of the programme and the student is informed of the terms and conditions of his/her insurance coverage. The student immediately gets a scanned copy of his/her insurance card (required before applying for a visa), and the actual card is delivered upon the student’s arrival in Brussels.

Indicative insurance coverage
The Expat&Co Global Student Insurance comes in Basic and Comprehensive versions and Full Cover or Top Up coverage.
BDMA students benefit from the Comprehensive version and Full Cover.
Global Student Insurance is broken into 5 modules. The Comprehensive & full cover includes the following benefits & options. The table figures correspond to the maximum cover per person per annum/trip.


Click here for the insurance scheme.