The Student has the right to choose his/her specialisation for the third semester as follows.

Each year, the universities offering a specialisation will determine in advance the maximum number of students they can host according to the available infrastructure. Each student will be able to prioritise the specialisations offered in the current edition of the programme. The final assignment of specialisation will be made by the Consortium prioritising the students choices and based on the academic results of the student during the first semester and the maximum number of students that can be hosted in each specialisation.
Students assigned to TU/e must meet the English proficiency requirement set by the Netherlands government for all public universities, which is higher than the BDMA requirement. It is the student responsibility to meet this requirement by the specialization choice date. If the student fails to fulfill this requirement, the consortium might not be able to guarantee a place in another specialization, and the student might not be able to continue in the program.