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Quality Assurance

Internal Quality Evaluation

BDMA has developed an internal quality evaluation of the overall programme at two different levels:

  • Local evaluation: All courses of the programme at each partner university, including those specifically created for it, will be included in the nationally accredited degrees in computer science delivered by the partners. All partners have internal quality assurance systems for academic and research activities. Furthermore, according to national laws, the academic and research activities of all partners are under regular external evaluations undertaken by recognised agencies, all of which belong to European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. The diploma-issuing capacity of all partners depends on such evaluations. This guarantees the quality of the academic and research activities surrounding BDMA.
  • Internal Evaluation Committee: An Internal Evaluation Committee (IEC), composed of representatives of main partners and students, will ensure a continuous quality evaluation of the programme. Students will be requested to complete three types of questionnaires on an anonymous basis. For each course, a questionnaire will address the contents, learning objectives, instructors, course material, workload, examination and assessment, etc. At the end of a semester, at a given partner, a questionnaire will address the pedagogical aspects (course complementarity, relevance, etc.) and the logistical aspects (welcome, housing and administrative support, etc.). Finally, upon completion of the programme, a questionnaire for assessing the overall programme will address academic quality, social and cultural activities, services provided, mobility, employability opportunities, etc. The Local Programme Coordinator at each partner is responsible for the collection of these questionnaires, which will be implemented in a centralised platform available to all partners.

External Quality Evaluation

BDMA has developed an internal quality evaluation of the overall programme at two different levels:

  • External Evaluation Committee: An External Evaluation Committee (EEC), composed of external actors and BDMA former students, will ensure an efficient external monitoring of the programme, both at the academic and administrative level. An external evaluation will be carried out once every two intakes of the programme. The Executive Board will collect the material to be reviewed by the EEC, including the reports of the IEC. During their meeting, a report on the implementation of the programme, as well as perspectives of evolution, will be produced. Following the EEC evaluation, corrective actions may be suggested to the EB.
  • Advisory Board: An Advisory Board (AB) is responsible for analysing the curriculum of the programme and its potential evolution, so that it better targets the needs of future employers in the domain. It is composed of industrial and public associated partners, as well as alumni, and is headed by one of its members. The tasks of the AB are: (1) Identifying current and future needs in the industry and public sectors related to BD management and analysis and promote the participation and realisation of joint research, development, and innovation between organisations members of the board and consortium members. (2) Assessing and advising on changes in the curriculum to adapt the teaching offer to the current/future needs of the industry.


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